Remote App-Based Training

Train with HTS anywhere with our Remote App-Based Training program.  Receive your personalized training program, coaching, feedback, and support via our unique, interactive, software and video meetings.  

How Does Remote App-Based Training Work?

We have been writing programs and training clients for over 20 years.   Many clients have enjoyed this professional service in-person at HTS.  But, if you are unable to train at HTS due to your geographic location or schedule limitations, we now offer our individualized programs, experienced coaching, valuable feedback and necessary accountability through our downloadable app and video meetings.  Technology brings our training and coaching to you- wherever you are or whenever you want to train!

How does it work? –  After you subscribe for this service, we will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a 15-minute video meeting to discuss your interests, goals, experience, limitations, equipment, schedule and other important questions that help us develop your personalized program.   

We then build your training program, and upload it and videos to our training software platform.  You then download our app and log into the app to view your program.  You follow your program and log down what you've done.  You can upload videos of your technique to receive feedback through the app.  Additionally, you can message us through the app with any questions.

Your progress is assessed weekly, and follow-up video meetings (45 min total per month) can be held to address questions, motivation, consistency and or make modifications.  Each month your program is reviewed and updated.  

Lastly, you can virtually stay a part of the HTS community by joining the Train With Hubbard Training Systems Facebook page.   Stay up to date whats going on and what others are doing, see their progress, stay motivated!


Subscribe to our Remote App-Based Training for $99/month